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Is there a river court at One Tree Hill?

Battleship Park
The River Court outdoor basketball court was built on the site right next to the Battleship North Carolina. Fans of the series will recognize the River Court from the view of Wilmington from this side. However, it was removed after the series ended.

Similarly, where is One Tree Hill's bridge?

The show's opening credits feature "6th Street Bridge". It can be found just past Red Cross Street, North 6th & Hanover Street.

Also, where is One Tree Hill's high school? Tree Hill High. 610 North Front Street.

Another question that might be asked is, "Is Tree Hill NC a real location?"

The Wilmington region has been aTree Hilla since 2003 when One Tree Hill premiered. This is a fictional town in North Carolina. One Tree Hill fans can view the show and enjoy familiar sights such as Wilmington's River District or island beaches.

Is Karen's Cafe still open?

Later, it was moved to the corner at Front and Grace Streets. It's Karen's Cafe. You won't be able to enter the shop, and there's a fake door with a note by The WB. This Pin and many more can be found on Wilmington by Macy Boe.