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Is there a leader or authority in the Roman Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church is governed by an episcopal polity. This is a group of bishops who have been sacramentally blessed with Holy Orders and are granted formal jurisdictions within the church. The Bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope, is ultimately responsible for the whole Catholic Church. His jurisdiction is known as the Holy See.

Many people also wonder if the Protestants have a leader, or an authority.

According to their beliefs, there are many leaders in the Protestant church. He is also a primus inter pares, but he has no authority to over the other churches in his communion. Depending on their beliefs, there are many leaders in the Protestant church.

What authority does the Pope also have? Papal supremacy refers to the doctrine that the Catholic Church holds that the Pope, through his office as Vicar Christi and as the visible foundation of unity and pastor of the entire Catholic Church has all, supreme and universal power over the Church. This power is one which he can exercise without restriction:

Who is the Catholic Church's authority on this matter?

According to the Catholic Church, there are three sources for authority. Magisterium is the teaching authority of Catholic Church made up of the Pope and the Bishops. scripture is a Bible that is considered the Word of God and includes the teachings of Christ.

What is the leadership structure for the Catholic Church?

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is made up of its priests, bishops, and deacons. The ecclesiological meaning of "hierarchy", is the "holy ordering," of the Church, the Body Christ. This is to respect the variety of gifts and ministries that are necessary for true unity (1 Cor 12).