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Last Updated: 24th Mar 2023

Is rattan garden furniture weatherproof?

Synthetic rattan furniture for gardens is durable and weatherproof. It is weatherproof, UV resistant, and rust resistant making it low-maintenance furniture for your garden.

Another question is: Can rattan furniture be left outside?

Although synthetic rattan furniture can be left outside all year, it is best to cover it with a plastic cover or store it in your garden shed. For additional protection, garden furniture covers can be used.

The next question is how can I protect my rattan furniture in my garden? It is best to keep rattan garden furniture inside during winter. You will need to wash the furniture with soapy water just like you did in the summer. Then, let it dry completely. Cover the furniture. Place the furniture in a dry and warm place, such as a garage or spare bedroom, that is free from damp or frost.

People also ask if it is a good idea to cover rattan furniture in the garden.

High quality synthetic rattan garden furniture doesn't need to be covered in winter. The higher-grade polyethylene weave is totally resistant to rain and freeze. Hayes suggests covering furniture to keep it looking newer for a longer time.

What does rattan look like outside?

Wicker made of natural fibers like rattan and palm is best kept indoors. It can become brittle in dry conditions, warp, sag, or break if it is subject to weight while it is still wet. All-weather wicker is more durable than natural wicker items that are kept outside.