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Is my toilet round or oval?

Measure the distance between the center of the mounting holes and the front edge of the toilet bowl. A round toilet is one that measures 17 inches or less. If the measurement is 17.5 inches or greater, you will have an elongated bathroom.

This is how to decide which type of toilet is the most comfortable.

Comfort. Most adults find an elongated toilet bowl more comfortable than a compact toilet bowl. This is because the seat supports more of the thigh, and because the opening is larger. It makes it easier to reach the bottom of the bowl to clean yourself after using the toilet.

Second, is it possible to replace a round toilet by an elongated one? Elongated -- This toilet comes with a slightly longer, more comfortable bowl. In the past, if you wanted a round-front toilet to be replaced with an elongated one, it was difficult to find a space for the longer toilet.

This is how you can put an oval toilet seat on round toilets.

The elongated seat can be installed on top of the round toilet, but it is more likely to snap or move around at the place where it screws in. This is because the pressure won’t be evenly distributed around the seat.

How do I choose which toilet to purchase?

Always ensure that you have the right rough-in when buying a toilet.

  1. Measure from the wall behind your toilet to the bolt caps on your current toilet to determine the size of your rough-in toilet.
  2. Toilets are usually available in a 12-inch rough in, which is the standard distance. However, some homes may require a 10- or 14 inch rough-in.