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Is Kuru mad cattle disease?

Kuru can cause brain and nervous system changes that are similar to Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. Similar diseases can be found in cows, as bovine spongeiform encephalopathy . Consuming human brain tissue can increase the risk of kuru, which can carry infectious particles.

Also, can mad cow disease be contracted from cannibalism.

Kuru demonstrated that people can get prion diseases from eating infected persons. Mad cow disease proved that people can contract prion diseases from eating infected cattle.

Mad cow disease can also be contracted by cows from eating cows. BSE can be contracted by cows who eat feed that has been contaminated with BSE-infected parts from other cows. The abnormal prion is present in the contaminated feed, and the cow gets infected when it consumes the feed. BSE is caused by cows eating contaminated feed in their first year of life.

Considering all this, Kuru is often called the Laughing Disease.

Kuru is derived from the Fore word, kuria/guria ("to shake") because of body tremors which are a classic symptom. Similarly, kAoru means "trembling". Because of the pathologic bursts or laughter that are a sign of the disease, it is also called the "laughing illness".

How common is Mad Cow Disease

Mad cow disease is not something that can be contracted. However, in rare cases, people may contract a fatal form of mad Cow Disease (vCJD). If you eat nerve tissue (the spinal cord and brain) from cattle infected by mad cow disease, this can occur.