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Is it possible to install VCT over VCT

Yes, VCT goes over a secure existing VCT quite well. First, remove the wax/finish and then sand the existing well. Take out any tiles that are broken and replace or patch them.

Also, is VCT possible to install vinyl over VCT?

VCT can be laid over many flooring materials including concrete and wood. It is best to leave any existing vinyl tiles on your floor and to tile over them. Asbestos-containing adhesives and vinyl tile from the past can cause serious health problems if they are removed.

How do you install VCT flooring in the same way? How to install VCT tiles

  1. 72 hours prior to installation, place the VCT in the area where you intend to install it.
  2. To determine the design and location of the VCT, lay it on the floor.
  3. Use a vinyl tile cutter to cut the VCT to the dimensions of the room.

Another question is, "Can you tile over VCT?"

Although you can put ceramic or stone tiles over VCT flooring, it is not recommended. Flexible vinyl is available in VCT flooring. Installing your tile directly on top of an existing VCT floor will cause cracks in the grout and tile.

Is it too late to walk on VCT tiles?

24 hours