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Is it possible to bury PEX water pipes?

PEX tubing can be directly buried outdoors. This is a common practice when running water supply lines to houses. PEX is more resistant to freezing than rigid pipe because it expands. However, PEX can burst if there's water in the line. Protecting PEX from soil rocks by embedding it in sand is a good idea.

What type of PEX is allowed to be buried?

SharkBite PEX pipes are approved by AWWA C904 that covers PEX pipes for burial.

You might also wonder, "How long does PEX stay underground?" 50 years

It is also important to find out which underground water pipe is the most efficient.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE, often just "PE") has become one of the most popular choices for underground service lines, thanks to its corrosion-resistance, durability, and competitive price. Some codes require that underground plastic lines less than 2 inches in diameter use PE, rather than PVC.

Is PEX pipe safe to be used outside?

PEX Piping can be used outdoors for applications such as a water garden. A: If it is protected or buried, the PEX material may be used outside. PEX piping can be damaged by ultraviolet rays so it shouldn't be used outside.