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Last Updated: 29th Nov 2023

Is it OK to stack firewood next to House?

The pile should be kept close to your home but not too close. A safe distance is at least 30 feet. You should choose a location with good drainage to ensure that the bottom layer of does not sink into the muddy ground. Even better is stacking wood on old pallets so that the firewood doesn’t touch the ground.

How far from my house should I store firewood?

Orkin Pest Control advises that firewood be kept at least five feet away from the foundation of the house. Keep the firewood off the ground using pallets to allow drainage. Keep the firewood away from trees The further away you are from any structure, it is better.

You might also be interested in this: Can you stack firewood on concrete? You can store firewood on concrete slabs, asphalt, or even a cover. stack firewood far from other structures for outdoor storage. The firewood can be dried by leaving the back and front open. Dry firewood can be placed against a wall or in another dry area.

Is it a bad idea to stack wood against your home?

Wood stacking against any structure, fence or house, restricts air circulation and slows down the drying process. Even if the wood has been completely dried and cured, any moisture (rain or snow) that is not trapped between the siding and woodpile can cause rot.

Is it okay to burn termite-infested wood?

Burning termite-infested wood is safe. However, it can cause harm to the termite. Although it can add warmth to your home, termites may be attracted to it.