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Is hydrogen a metal or nonmetal or metalloid?

Hydrogen is often considered a nonmetal, as it shares many of the same properties as nonmetals. It is, for example, a gas at room temperatures. hydrogen has properties that are similar to the alkali elements in group 1. Hydrogen conducts electricity in liquid form just like a metal.

You may also wonder if hydrogen is a metal or non-metal.

Hydrogen properties Hydrogen is a nonmetal that is placed above group in a periodic table. It has the same ns1 electron configuration as the alkali metallics. It is different from other alkali elements in that it forms cations (H+), more slowly than other alkali metallics.

Also, do you know if Iodine is a nonmetal or a metalloid? Iodine can be described as a metalloid. Metalloid elements can have one or more allotropes that have properties that are intermediate between a metallic and an nonmetal. Metals have lustrous, ductile and are conductive of heat or electricity. Nonmetals are brittle, matte, and insulators.

Is beryllium also a metal nonmetal?

Why is it so? Beryllium can be described as a metallic. It is found in the alkaline Earth Metal group in the periodic table. It has chemical and physical characteristics similar to magnesium and aluminum, but has an even higher melting point.

Is polonium a metallicloid?

The position of polonium in the periodic table could make it a nonmetal, a metalloid, or a metal. It is classified as a metal because its electrical conductivity decreases with temperature.