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Is Fever 1793 a movie?

Philadelphia. In 1793. A partnership between History Making Productions, founded by Philip Katz, and WPVII-TV/6 ABC will broadcast Fever 1793 on Wednesday night. This film is a great TV show. It has all the right ingredients: interesting experts, production value, rare imagery, death, and destruction.

Is Fever 1793 really a true story?

Fever, 1793. Fever 1793 was a 2000 YA historical novel written by Laurie Halse Anderson. The story is set in late colonial Philadelphia, and is based on real events. It follows 14-year-old Mattie as her city falls victim to a deadly yellow fever epidemic.

Second, where does Fever 1793 end? She is reunited to her mother. The novel ends and the family is reformed. Matilda asks Eliza for her business partner. Nell stays at the coffeehouse with Matilda. Nathaniel arrives, and Mother finally returns. Despite the changes, everyone is still together.

What is the rise in Fever 1793's activity?

Rising Action: The first frost kills mosquitoes carrying the fever. The fever epidemic is over and life returns to Philadelphia. People return to Philadelphia. With Eliza's assistance, Mattie reopens the café and business is back to normal.

Does Matilda's mother die in Fever 1793?

Nell's mother is killed by yellow fever, and no one can care for her. Matilda takes Nell from her home so she can take her to an orphanage later.