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Is a preposition a direct object?

Direct objects must be nouns or pronouns. A prepositional phrase will not contain a direct object.

Also, are prepositional phrases a direct object?

A direct object in grammar is a phrase, word, or clause that receives and follows the action of a transitive sentence. Prepositional phrases can sometimes function as direct objects in English, even though they are rarely used.

An adverb can also be a direct subject. Direct objects are the nouns or pronouns that receive the action of a sentence. DISTINGUISHING DIRECT OBJECTS FROM ADVERBS AND OBJECTS of PREPOSITIONS Direct objects are never an adverb, or the noun/pronoun at end of a prepositional sentence. subject/verb/adverb Martina grilled quickly.

You may also wonder, "How do I diagram a prepositional phrase to be a direct object?"

These will be helpful to you. Directions: Place the preposition under the noun it modifies (in this example, the subject). Place the preposition on a horizontal line. These prepositional phrases change the subject of the sentence in all cases.

Is a direct object possible to be a person?

Yes, a person may be the direct object. The direct subject is the noun which receives the action from the transitive verb. They give an example: Police have arrested the suspect in the robberies.