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In which episode of Criminal Minds did JJ first meet her husband?

Children: Henry LaMontagne (son) Micheal La

What episode did JJ's husband pass away?

"Criminal Minds" Run (TV Episode 2012) - IMDb.

The question now is: Will JJ and Reid finally get together? Yes, Reid seems to be having a sweet, if not intimate, moment with JJ. You should be aware.a JJ claimed that Reid said only what she did in order to balance the UnSub.

In a related fashion, which episode will JJ and Will kiss?


Is Reid really the one JJ loves?

JJ made a shocking confession in season 14's finale. JJ said that Reid was her forever love, even though they are being held at gunpoint. The shocking revelation drew a lot of criticism from fans. However, the situation was resolved in season 15.