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How many metres does the glacier travel in a day?

in Greenland) or slow (0.5 m/year on small glaciers or in the center of ice sheets), but is typically around 25 cm/day.

How long does it take for a glacier move in the same way?

Crystals in old glacier ice can grow to several inches long. This process can take more than 100 years for most glaciers.

You might also wonder what the movement of a glacier is called. Glacial movement. Although it may look like a block of ice, a glacier is actually moving very slowly. The glacier flows because of pressure caused by the weight of the ice. Sometimes, a glacier speeds down. This is known as surging.

You might also wonder, which part of a glacier is the fastest?

Explanation and Answer: The glacier's ice moves fastest when it is least dense and has the least friction.

How can you measure the speed that a glacier flows at?

Measure current location, then again after a year, then divide the change by the time to get the distance/time.