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How far apart should spindles be on stairs?

Baluster spacing a A rule of thumb to avoid gaps exceeding four inches is to have three baluster per foot. You will usually be fine if you place one baluster on the center every 4 inches.

What is the spacing between spindles in a staircase?

According to building regulations, a 100mm diameter sphere must not pass through any opening. This includes between spindles. Your maximum space between spindles should be 99mm

How do you calculate the spacing of stair spindles? It's as easy as that. It is as easy as that. To determine the number required for stair spindles, first count the number treads (steps), making sure to not include the landing area. Next, multiply two by two and subtract two. You will only need one spindle for the top and bottom steps in order to make space for the newel posts.

Just to be clear, how far apart should balusters need to be?

4 inches

How far apart should decking spinning blades be?

Maximum space between each 2-inch baluster must not exceed 99mm. This leaves only three 2-inch balusters per feet. Some spindles are connected directly to the decking while others attach to a bottom rail. The deck surface should also be at least 4 inches from bottom railings.