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Last Updated: 29th Nov 2023

How does Pinterest advertising work?

Promoted Pins are run in an auction system similar to other pay-per click systems. Advertisers choose a Promoted pin, select an objective, and then enter targeting criteria. The advertiser will place an abidsa to have their ads shown in their target audience. Only the highest bidder could win the placement.

How do Pinterest ads work?

You can choose a pin, select a target audience, budget and promote the pin by paying additional Pinterest users. Pinterest ads are run through an auction system called a pay per click (PPC) platform.

Also, do Pinterest Ads Work 2019? Pinterest became a publicly traded company in April 2019. Pinterest has launched a variety of new campaign types, including shopping ads, conversion ads, and video ads.

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Pinterest advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness, engagement, drive traffic and boost sales. With the Pinterest Taste graph, interest-targeting is now possible, and you will see more of it, especially from new customers.

What is the cost of advertising on Pinterest?

Small to medium-sized businesses will typically pay between 10c and $1.50 per pin for Pinterest advertising. CPC campaigns require a minimum bid of 10 cents. We now know how much promoted pins cost.