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How do you use Aquacel Hydrofiber dressing?

  1. Use a suitable wound cleanser to clean the area before applying the dressing.
  2. Aquacel Ad should be 1cm (A 1/2 inch) thick on the skin around the wound.
  3. For easy retrieval, leave 2.5cm (1 in) of Aquacel Ag ribbon outside of cavity wounds

What is Hydrofiber dressing?

A Hydrofiber is defined as a soft, sterile, non-woven pad or ribbon dressing composed of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, which is incorporated in the form of a fleece held together by a needle- bonding process. This flexible material is capable of absorbing large amounts of wound fluids, including exudate with bacteria.

How do you take off Aquacel dressing? You can remove the AquacelA(r), dressing by gently pressing down with one hand. 3. You can lift the edge of the dressing slowly with your other hand.

How long can Aquacel dressing be left on, then?

Aquacel Wound Dressings to Be Changed a Aquacel dressing can be left in place up to seven days. However, it should be changed if necessary. The dressing will stay in place for longer as the wound heals and the fluid/exudate becomes less.

How often should dressings be changed?

After the first bandage has been removed, you should change dressings as often as necessary to prevent wound drainage. This usually happens between one and four times per day. You can change the bandage more frequently if it becomes wet or dries out.