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How do you get Nick nasturtium seeds?

Scrape one side of the seed with a metal filing until the lightened interior seed coat is visible. Allow it to soak overnight in warm tap water. The seed absorbs water through the nicked area and can swell to twice its original size.

Know how to get Nick seeds?

You can either nick the seeds using a nail clipper or a file or a knife. Or you can sand the seed coat using a little bit of sandpaper. You should make a very shallow cut on the seed. Just enough to allow water to reach the seed coat.

Do nasturtium seed need to be soaked before they can be planted? Soaking. Pre-soaking is a good idea for hard-shelled seed such as sweet pea, morning glory, and nasturtium . You can soften the hard shell by soaking the seeds overnight in warm water.

How do you obtain seeds from nasturtiums in the same way?

Harvest/Storage Keep the chick-pea-sized seeds of the nasturtium and plant them again in the spring. The seeds should be allowed to dry on the vine. They will fall off. Take them out, scrub the soil off, dry them and place them in a paper bag in a dark and cool place.

What is the average time it takes for nasturtium seed to germinate?

About 10 to 12 Days