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How do nutrition scientists define the term diet?

Nutritionism is a paradigm which holds that the nutritional value of each food item in a diet is determined by the amount of scientifically identified nutrients. It is simply the belief that a food's nutritional value is the sum of its individual nutrients, vitamins, or other components.

People also ask: What is the scientific definition for nutrition?

nutrition. noun. Noun. A science or study that studies food and nutrition, especially in humans.

The next question is how nutrition works in the body. The body needs nutrients. Digestion and absorption start at the mouth. Food is swallowed and chewed. It then moves down the food pipe to the stomach where it is fully broken down. Only what we eat or drink is what powers our bodies.

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The scientific study of food and how it affects health and nutrition. The body requires large quantities of nutrients to maintain normal function and good health.

Science has determined the best diet.

#1 The Mediterranean Diet. This eating plan is linked to better health, longevity, and better nutrition. CNN states that the Mediterranean Diet is rich in fruits and vegetables and healthy fatty foods such as fish and nuts.