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How do I reset my SimpliSafe code?

You can modify your PIN using the SimpliSafe Original. Follow these instructions!
  1. Press Menu on your keypad
  2. Enter your PIN number if it asks you for your PIN. If the prompt does not appear, continue to the next step.
  3. Select option 1: Change PIN.
  4. To enter, press Enter.
  5. Enter the Master PIN.

This is how to reset SimpliSafe.

Unplug your Base Station's power cord and then remove the battery. You will need a screwdriver for access to the battery compartment. After a few seconds, you can plug the power cord back into the base station.

What is SimpliSafe master pin? Your SimpliSafe master PIN is a 4-digit number you can use to switch your SimpliSafe do it yourself security system on or off using your Keypad. Only the master pin can be used for system settings. Your safe word is the word you choose.

How do I enter a SimpliSafe code?

Enter your Master PIN. Select aAdjust Settingsa from the main menu. You will be able to add additional pins as well as a depress PIN. Once you are done, click aSave Changesa and then insert your Keychain Remote into the Base Station to apply any changes.

How can I modify the SimpliSafe safe word

Access your safe word is possible by going to "my account", clicking on your location under "service information", click edit. The safe word is at the bottom. After you have made the necessary changes, click submit.