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How do I add a check constraint in SQL Server?

Using SQL server Management Studio
  1. Expand the table you wish to in Object Explorer. Click on New Constraint.
  2. Click in the Check Limits dialog box and click on the Expression field. Then click on the ellipses ().

How do I add a check clause to SQL?

You can create a check constraint using an ALTER TABLE SQL Server (Transact-SQL). The syntax is ALTER TABLE table_name, ADD CONSTRAINT constraint_name, CHECK (column_name conditions), table_name. Name of the table you want to modify with a check constraint.

How do I create a SQL Server constraint? Right-click the table you wish to add a unique constraint to in Object Explorer and click Design. Click Indexes/Keys in the Table Designer menu. Click Add in the Indexes/Keys dialog. Click on the grid below General and select Unique Key from the drop-down box.

How can I view SQL Server constraints?

Using SQL server Management Studio

  1. Right-click the table containing check constraint in the Object Explorer and select Design
  2. Click Check Constraints on the Table Designer menu.
  3. Under Selected Check Constraints, click the check box to open the Check Constraints dialog box. Select the constraint that you want to edit.

What can you do to add restrictions in access?

Add Constraints to Existing tables. You can also add constraints to existing tables. You must use the ALTER TEXT statement to add a restriction in an existing table. This statement can be used to add or remove columns or constraints from an existing table.