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How did WWI affect the Ottoman Empire and European colonies and dominions?

What did World War 1 do to the Ottoman Empire, European colonies, and dominions? The Ottoman Empire lost territory. The Allies overtook the German colonies located in Africa and Asia. They also turned to their colonies and dominions for supplies, laborers, troops, and supplies.

Afterwards, one might also wonder, "How did WWI impact on the Ottoman Empire?"

World War 1 had the main effect on the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans were no longer there, they were Turkish. Although the Turks look very similar to the Ottomans they are not the same thing. As the name Ottoman Empire suggests, the Ottomans had an empire.

What happened to the Ottoman Empire following World War 1? After World War I, the Ottoman Empire was divided (Armistice of Mudros - 30 October 1918 a Abbolition of the Ottoman Sultanate - 1 November 1922), which was a political event.

It is also important to find out what impact ww1 had on Europe.

In the First World War, empires were destroyed, new nation-states were created, independence movements in Europe's colonies encouraged, and the United States became a world power. This led to Soviet communism, and the rise and fall of Hitler.

What was the impact of technology during World War I?

The new technologies led trench warfare, and the lack of new tactics led the new technology to cause massive slaughter. The machine gun, and the tank, were two new technologies which had the greatest impact on WW1. The machine gun shortened the war and made it a trench war.