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How can you store elephant ears in winter?

For about one week, keep the elephant ear bulbs in an area that is dark but not too warm. To ensure that the bulbs dry properly, make sure there is good air circulation. Keep the elephant ear bulbs covered in paper and kept dry.

Keep this in mind, what can you do about elephant ears in winter?

Get Your Elephant Ears Ready For Winter

  1. Cut the stems to 6 inches after your first frost.
  2. Place the tubers in a plastic bag, bulb rate or plastic pot and cover them with soil and peat moss.
  3. To ensure that the tuber remains dormant through the winter, add water to the container.

Will elephant ears be able to survive winter? The U.S. Department of Agriculture has eight zones for elephant ears. However, they can survive winter depending on the soil conditions. Winter dormancy can be avoided by properly storing them in dirt or indoors.

How do you make elephant ears for winter?

Digging up for Winter. You'll want to dig up elephant ears as soon as the weather turns colder and leaves turn brown and crispy. The first frost is the best time to dig up elephant ears. However, it's not recommended that you wait too long or the tuber may die. You can remove the large leaves and leave a short stem measuring 1 to 2 inches in length.

Are you able to keep elephant ears indoors,

You can bring upright elephant ears (Alocasia), indoors, and grow them as houseplants. The plants should be kept in indirect, bright light. Also, keep the soil moist but not dry.