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How can you store a Tangzhong safely?

A Tangzhong can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days. You can also use bread flour instead of all-purpose flour. You can substitute milk for water. If your bread browns too quickly while baking, you can cover it with foil.

Afterwards, you might also wonder, "What is the Tangzhong Method?"

Tangzhong is an Asian method for making soft and fluffy yeast bread. It involves cooking some of the flour and liquid to make a thick slurry before adding the rest of the ingredients.

You may also wonder what makes bread fluffy and soft. Soft bread is made from CO2 that has been produced by yeast and water. This steam, when it's turned into steam during baking, gets trapped in pockets of gluten. The dough expands. The dough solidifies and retains its shape.

This being said, what's the point of Tangzhong?

A tangzhong is used to increase starchy gel in the dough. This is part of the crumb's matrix. This technique works well with WW bread. I use a small amount of the WW flour and the majority/all of the liquid.

How can bread keep its softness?

Bread or rolls may rise higher due to more water creating internal steam (which makes bread rise when it is baked) and bread and rolls that have retained more water during baking will remain soft and fresher for longer.