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How can Scarlet Begonias be grown?

Plant wax begonia plants 6-8 inches apart, and other plants according to their mature size. You can start tubers indoors by placing them, hollow side down, in a shallow tray filled with moist potting mixture. The tray should be placed in a dark place and water only enough to keep it moist but not soggy.

It is also important to find out where Scarlet Begonias are grown.

Begonias can be found in moist tropical and subtropical climates. In cooler climates, some species can be grown indoors as ornamental houseplants.

Are begonias able to come back each year? Begonias, like Impatiens and other perennials, are tender perennials that come back year after year. They are not considered annuals because they are gone forever when the first frost. Begonias can become leggy in deep shade conditions so make sure they have at least a few hours of sunshine.

People also ask if you can plant begonias in the ground.

Tuberous Begonias can grow in the ground underneath trees, in shaded areas of your garden or in containers that are placed in shaded areas on your porch, patio or yard.

Are begonias tolerant of sun or shade?

Morning sun is ideal, with a little shade in the afternoon. Wax begonias are more tolerant to sunlight than any other type, and those with bronze-colored leaves can tolerate the most sunshine. Tuberous begonias like more shade than heat and are often seen on display in the late summer. Soil: A light, rich, and humusy soil.