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How can I reset my pix link

Change default password to PIXLINK router
  1. After your PIX LINK router has been turned on, hold the reset button for thirty seconds.
  2. Keep the reset button pressed while you are still holding it.

What is the problem with my repeater wifi?

Your WIFI repeater is losing connection because you changed the settings of your source router/main router. Too many WIFI-enabled devices connect to the main router. This causes the repeater to have to compete with other devices while connecting.

What is WISP mode? WISP router mode simply means that your wireless adapter can act as both a client and WAN port. You can connect to another wireless network using only one IP address. They will route internet traffic to their network and then route it to your local network (home/private).

This is how to reset my Comfast wifi extender.

Reset Comfast Cr750ac (Hard reset) Once the unit is powered on, you can use a paperclip to hold or press the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. The device is restarting when the LED light turns red. Wait for 30 seconds before you can access Comfast Cfwr750ac extender.

What is a mini router?

The Mini Router will strengthen the signal, increasing its effectiveness and range. The Mini Router connects via Ethernet cable to the internet and converts the wired signal into a wireless signal. It broadcasts a wireless network using the SSID you choose.