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How can I replace the stopper on my bathroom sink?

Remove and clean the Pop-Up Stopper Assembly
  1. You can move everything under the sink to make room for your work. Verify that the horizontal pivot rod has been connected to the clamp.
  2. The stopper should be lifted out of the drain. Examine the rubber seal at the bottom of the blocker head.
  3. Use mild cleaner or vinegar to dip the stopper.

How do you replace a pop-up sink plug?


  1. Take out the screws holding the cover plate to the overflow.
  2. Take the lever and plate away from the overflow hole. This will partially pull out the mechanism.
  3. You can adjust the linkagenut to lengthen or shorten the stopper to make it lower.
  4. Replace the cover plate by pushing the assembly back in.

What is the best homemade drain cleaner? 6 Natural Homemade Drain Cleaning Products That Actually Work

  • Hot Water and Dish Soap. Boil approximately two liters of water. Add a few tablespoons liquid dish soap.
  • Wire Coat Hanger. Straighten the hanger, but don't remove the hook.
  • Baking Soda & Vinegar.
  • Vinegar, Borax, Salt
  • Baking Soda and Salt
  • Plunger.

What is the name of the sink stopper?

The stopper will open when you pull up on it. As simple as that! You are pulling up the lift rod. It is attached to the pivot rod. This rod is connected to your drain stopper.

How can you remove a swivel-fitted sink plug?

Unblocking a Pivot/Swivel Sink Stopper

  1. Step 1: Fill the kettle with water and heat it.
  2. Step 2: Add the boiling water to the sink.
  3. Step 3: Allow it to work its magic for a few minutes.
  4. Step 4: Gently press one end of the pivot stopper to release the water.