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How can I replace the glass in my rearview mirror?

Take the mirror off the glass-mounted hardware. Look for a screw or a clip that can be removed. To soften the adhesive holding the mounting hardware to the glass, use a blow dryer or heat gun. Use heat to melt the adhesive that holds the mirror hardware to the windshield.

Keep this in mind, can you replace the glass on your side-view mirror only?

Broken glass doesn't mean you have to replace the whole side view mirror assembly. Replacing a mirror glass can be done -itself and is often affordable. Many manufacturers make precut glass mirrors that can be fitted to all types of vehicles.

AutoZone also fixes side mirrors. AutoZone stocks the highest quality mirror replacement glass for cars or trucks. For easy installation, most items can be picked-up in-store or shipped directly to your home. You should replace the entire side-view mirror assembly if it is damaged.

How much does it cost for a rear-view mirror to be replaced?

You can expect to pay $35-$90 for the part, and $139-$328 for labor and parts for side mirror replacement. Although you may find cheaper third-party mirrors than official manufacturer parts at a lower price, this is not usually the part your dealership will use.

How can you fix a broken mirror

Cracked Mirror Replacement

  1. Use a soft cloth to clean the area and get rid of any dirt.
  2. Use the stabilizer.
  3. Place the stabilizer through the crack and insert the resin.
  4. A small amount of resin can be applied to the area.
  5. Once the resin has dried, remove the top resin layer and clean the mirror.