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How big does lemongrass get?

3 to 5 feet high

Is Lemongrass difficult to grow?

Lemongrass is a subtropical plant that can't withstand freezing temperatures. If your climate is below a zone 9a, you will need to plant your lemongrass indoors. As you can see, small stalks of new plants will start to grow from the sides of existing stalks.

The next question is: Can lemongrass survive winter? Lemongrass can survive winter in moderately cold zones and may return to the garden in spring, even though its leaves have died back. Lemongrass must be grown as an annual in zones below USDA zone 8b.

You might also wonder, "How much space does lemongrass require?"

Quick Guide to Growing Lemongrass. Lemongrass is a great plant to grow in the ground, just like ornamental grasses. Lemongrass loves heat so plant it in an area that has full sun and fertile soil pH 6.5 to 7. Plants should be spaced 24 inches apart.

What is the growth time of lemongrass?

About 100 days