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Grocery Outlet has a bakery?

To get a feel for the shopping experience, we took a tour through a Grocery Outlet located in downtown Los Angeles. The prices are amazing, but there is a limited selection of products within each category. There are no amenities such as a bakery or butcher.

What do they sell in a grocery store?

Overstocks and closeouts are the main sources of inventory for name brand grocery brands as well as private label groceries. Grocery Outlets mainly buy seasonal or closeout merchandise. Brand names can change frequently. It also stocks food staples like fresh meat, milk, and bread in its stores.

Grocery Outlet also sells hard alcohol. Grocery, Deli and Dairy products are available. We also sell Frozen, Produce and Wine. General Merchandise and Personal Care products are also available. Grocery Outlet customers generally reflect the grocery shopping population.

Grocery Outlet is also so affordable.

Grocery Outlet does not accept manufacturer coupons because of their low prices. Grocery Outlet will buy excess inventory from grocery producers or damaged packaging for pennies per dollar.

Grocery Outlet sells dog food

Grocery Outlet stocks a variety of popular brands of cat and dog food as well as kitty litter, but the selection is not extensive.