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Eric Birling is an alcoholic.

His parents have given him a high-end education and he feels compelled by them to work for his father's company, which he uses to steal money to finance his alcohol addiction. He is portrayed as a nasty drunk who rapes the woman he makes pregnant.

Know also, what does Eric Birling stand for?

Priestley's message Eric does not change in the play. Priestley uses Eric as a symbol for the younger generation of socialism and. Eric offers hope to the audience that society can improve when people are accountable for their actions.

Is Eric Birling weak? Eric Birling is quite naive and is not as clever or as worldly than Gerald Croft. He realizes that he played a role in Eva Smith's murder by the end of the play. Inspector Goole will question Eric.

Then, you might also wonder, "Is Eric Birling a socialist?"

Mr Birling hates socialism and is an arch capitalist. After the Inspector leaves, Mr speculates that he wasn't a real inspector but 'a Sociist or some kind of crank because he spoke like one. Mr Birling is the symbol of greed, self-importance, and stupidity in capitalism.

What is Priestley's character in Eric?

J.B Priestley makes Eric and his narrative arc a central character in expressing his views and ideas throughout 'An Inspector Calls. Priestley's portrayal of Eric's transformation is clear in expressing his views about social class and responsibility as well as social injustices.