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Does Home Depot sell carpet tiles?

Carpet Tile (12 Tiles/Case). The Home Depot offers professional carpet installations, no matter if you are updating one room or your entire home.

Many people also wonder what brand of carpet Home Depot carries.

  • Home Decorators Collection (1938)
  • LifeProof(1530)
  • TrafficMASTER(716)
  • PetProof(423)
  • Natural Harmony (282)
  • SoftSpring(66)
  • Mohawk(39)
  • TrafficMaster(15)

What is the cost of carpet tiles? Cost of Carpet Tile. The cost of carpet tile. Homeowners can buy bundles of 16 tiles or more at a cost of around $50 from some stores.

You might also ask, "Does Home Depot install carpet tiles?"

The Home Depot offers many flooring services, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile and vinyl. We have you covered, whether you already know what flooring product you want or you are looking to discuss options with one our in-store designers.

Are carpet tiles cheaper?

If you do the installation yourself, carpet tiles are often less expensive than other options. You will save on labor and delivery, as well as carpet cushion. These are significantly cheaper than hard surfaces and add warmth and color to your home.