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Last Updated: 4th Oct 2022

Do I need a membrane underneath my patio?

A membrane is not necessary for most light-use constructions (patios and driveways, footpaths etc.). It achieves almost nothing. The sub-base material chosen carefully will have what we refer to as a "tight" or "close" finish.

Do you also need membrane under block paver?

There are two types: sub-grade and a sub-base. The sub-base must be installed before the paving. Although woven groundcovers and membranes are not required, they are recommended if there are invasive weeds, roots, or unreliable ground.

What do you place under the paving slabs? You will require

  1. Paving slabs
  2. MOT type 1 hardcore, or sub-base material.
  3. Use All or Sharp Sand in ballast
  4. Cement.
  5. Block paving sand fine, kiln dried - suitable for joining 10mm joints or smaller
  6. For larger joints, you can build sand.
  7. For level sub-base, use a long timber straight edge.

It is also important to ask: Should I place membrane under slabs?

I recommend adding at least 2a more soil to your patio. A minimum of 4-5a MOT is recommended. You don't need weed membrane because weeds can't grow in the joints of the patio if they aren't properly grouted.

Do I need a base to support my patio?

The quick answer is that will see vehicles use the pavement, but foot traffic will not be necessary. The type and type of paving or surface that will be used are one of the main factors in determining if a sub - base is required.