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Did Boeing buy Klx?

Boeing, the plane maker, announced Tuesday that it will buy KLX aerospace parts company for $3.2 billion cash. This money will be used to expand its aviation services business. KLX's enterprise value is $4.25 Billion, with approximately $1 billion in net debt. The offer of $63 per share gives KLX a market capitalization of $63

Know when Boeing bought Klx?

Boeing, the largest aerospace company in the world, plans to make $70 million per year by 2021 through KLX. Boeing combined its commercial, defense and space units into Boeing Global Services in 2016, as part of its strategy for increasing service revenue to $50billion within a decade.

Who also merged with Boeing McDonnell Douglas

Also, was Aviall acquired by Boeing in the past?

Aviall increases Boeing's leadership position in Integrated Materials Management, and positions the company to grow faster in a $25 Billion industry of new aviation parts. Boeing expects to see a modest increase in earnings from Aviall in 2007, and a minimal impact on 2006 earnings.

What is Klx?

KLX Inc., the world's largest provider of aerospace fasteners and consumables, as well as logistics services, is known for its KLX Aerospace Solution. KLX Energy Services, which also offers oilfield services in North America, and rental equipment.