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Can you mix ink with resin?

For transparent resin, you can add a little alcohol ink to your resin. However, results will vary and resin set-up may be affected if you add too much.

Can you use resin ink?

There are three types of inks: acrylic ink, india ink and alcohol. Acrylic inks are vibrant and the thinnest type of acrylic paint. They should perform well when mixed with resin.

Also, epoxy resin can be mixed with paint. It is not recommended to mix acrylics and paints with epoxy. Acrylic-based, water-based, and some oddly blended oil pigments don't mix well. They can become clumpy or leave a strange film on the finished product.

You might also wonder if acrylic ink can be mixed with resin.

Acrylic paints can be used to create amazing colors by painting with resin. When using liquid acrylics, follow the 1-10 ratio rule. Mix 1 part acrylic glue to 10 portions resin. Your resin may not pour well if you use too many paints.

What color can I make with resin?

Epoxy resin can also be colored with colorants, such as home-made dyes or children's watercolor paint. These create a smoother finish in your epoxy and are easier for amateurs mix with epoxy. To color epoxy resin, alcohol inks and nail polish are often used.