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Can you afford a guarantor

Your landlord can ask your guarantor if you haven't paid what they owe you. Your landlord can sue you if your Guarantor fails to pay . Your landlord may want to verify that your guarantor can pay the rent the same way as they have checked your ability.

People also ask if the council can act as a guarantor.

Your landlord may be willing to accept a larger deposit, or six months of rent in advance. Many councils offer rent deposits schemes to assist people who don’t have enough to pay a deposit. You might consider contacting your local council for assistance.

What if you don’t have a guarantor to help you? There are options if you don't have a guarantor. Some charities and councils offer rent deposit, bond, and guarantee schemes. These programs provide cash assistance for rent and also a deposit. As a guarantor, you can cover rent unpaid or damage up to a specified amount.

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You should not be a guarantor for anyone you don't trust, and who is willing and able pay the repayments. You must be at least 21 years old and have good credit ratings. This will give you credibility when applying if you are a homeowner.

What are the checks that are made on a guarantor

Each Full Garantor Reference Includes:

  • Written confirmation that the guarantor is able to provide proof of sufficient income/assets.
  • Home ownership check.
  • Confirmation of residency
  • Confirmation of identity
  • Calculate Rent Affordability
  • Full credit history search (up to 6 year)