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Last Updated: 29th Nov 2023

Can we use react with angular?

React and Angular solve the same problems in different ways. It's much easier to migrate to another Angular system if your business logic layer is not tied to the module system. Many people use Flux architecture with React. However, there is nothing Flux specific to.

Which one should I use?

React and Angular both have component-based architectures. This means that they have modular, reusable, and cohesive components. The difference lies in the tech stack. React uses JavaScript, while Angular uses Typescript for web development, which is smaller and more error-free.

Is angular more difficult than react? React is easier to learn than Angular, or any other framework. However, it does not mean that React is easier to use. React allows you to think about all your display logic in one place. Once your application grows in size, you will need to manage the state.

Another question is: Can you use Reactjs and AngularJS in the same Web app?

It is a 'No. Combining both and can harness the power of some prebuilt reusable React components, and integrate them in Angular Application.

React is causing angular death

React is killing Angular, at least partially. React renders faster than Angular due to its virtualDOM. React renders slower than Angular (i.e. React is a library while Angular is a framework. React is therefore more useful for a wider audience.