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Last Updated: 23rd Jul 2024

Can I return something to Kroger without a receipt?

The Card can be used to return merchandise. We'll add the merchandise value to your Card if you return merchandise worth more than $10 to a Kroger family shop without a receipt.

Keep this in mind, Kroger can you return without receipt?

Short Answer: The return policy of Kroger without a receipt varies from one store to the next. Items without receipt will usually be eligible for replacement or store credit refund. Some stores will only accept returns without a receipt for items less than $5 to $10. Others will refuse any return without the receipt.

The next question is: Can I return items to Kroger? Simply return the product, packaging, and receipt to your nearest Kroger. Customer service will assist you with a return, exchange, adjustment, credit or credit to your Kroger Gift Card.

You might also ask, "Can Kroger look up receipts?"

Kroger employees are generally able to look up receipts provided they used their Kroger Plus rewards card to purchase the item. Even if you don't have a KrogerPlus card, many locations can still assist. Some stores will only need your credit card to look up your receipt.

Fry's allows you to return items without a receipt

If you do not have a receipt, will most likely receive a store credit for any item that was sold within the last 30 or 90 days.