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Are you able to bomb fruit flies?

If you have fruit fly activity and need to quickly get rid of them, a fogger or space spray is an option. This method will kill any fruit fly larvae that may have emerged during application, but it will not leave behind active residuals.

People often ask if there is a fogger to catch fruit flies.

Answer: Yes. However, FMC Pyrethrin Fogger or other foggers can only treat insects that have been present at the time of treatment. To eradicate fly effectively, you need to identify and remove the breeding sources. You may have Drain Flies as well as Fruit Flies.

What spray can be used to kill fruit flies, other than the above? To kill adult fruit flies, you can spray insecticide fogs like PT 565 Pyrethrum Aerosol or CB80 into the air. The products can be sprayed into the air for 3 seconds to kill all Fruit Flies in the area.

This being said, what is the fastest method to eliminate fruit flies quickly?

Place apple cider vinegar in a bowl or glass, then cover it with plastic wrap. Use a rubber band to seal all edges. Make tiny holes at the top. The fruit fly will attract to the vinegar but once inside, they won’t be able escape the plastic wrap barrier. Mix dish soap and apple cider vinegar.

Is it possible to use raid to eliminate fruit flies

Raid Flying Insect Killer was specially designed to kill many flying insects, including Asian Lady Beetles and Boxelder Bugs. It can be used indoors or outdoors and kills upon contact.