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Last Updated: 29th Nov 2023

Are Stiletto Hammers made in USA?

There was much back and forth between Stiletto users and reviewers when I was researching Stiletto products. Many of them claimed Stiletto hammers are made in the USA. They were made by Chinese workers. They were made in China, but they are no longer manufactured in the USA.

Estwing Hammers are also made in the USA, so people often ask this question.

Since about nine years, we have been manufacturing a range of mid-range hammers in Taiwan. A line of Japanese pattern bars are made by us. Our core line of Estwing tool are made here in the USA. This will not change. More than 95% of our tools are made in America.

Who also invented the stiletto-hammer? The M1's head is slightly heavier than that of the TiBone, but its smaller size means it weighs in at only 15 oz. Mark Martinez, the original inventor and Stiletto TiBone Hammer, called me back in December to tell me about his latest invention, the Martinez Tools M1 Titanium handle-hammer.

Are Stiletto Hammers really worth it?

A hammer that is twice as expensive as a stiletto is not worth it. There are cheaper titanium hammers on the market, or you can buy a 16 oz Estwing. You can find a used one. I recommend it. It's half the cost of a brand new model.

Which claw hammer is the best?

Here's a small comparison of our top picks:

Model Price Editor Rating
Estwing Hammer (Best Value for Money) Check the Price 4.55/5
IRWIN Tools 1954889 Check the Price 4.4/5
Stanley STHT51346 Check the Price 4.2/5
Stalwart Check the Price 3.9/5