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Last Updated: 28th Sep 2023

Are cherry tomatoes best served in a tomato cage?

Bush cherry tomatoes can stand on their own, but indeterminate plants need support. At planting time, make sure you have your string, stakes and tomato cages ready. You are more likely to cause damage to your plants if you wait.

It is also important to ask if you require a tomato cage.

A cage is needed to protect the many fruits that are ripening simultaneously in determinate tomato varieties (including bush tomatoes). These tomatoes are grown in pots or containers. Most determinate tomatoes can be grown in the tomato cages sold at your local garden center or home.

What do I need to plant cherry tomatoes? Choose a sunny location for your garden plot or planter to grow cherry tomatoes. Plant seeds indoors for 8-10 week before the last frost date. They will need warm weather for 2-3 months to grow once they are outside.

Also, is it possible to grow tomatoes without cages?

I have grown indeterminate tomatoes with no support or cages. They take up much ground space and are competitive with each other at normal tomato spacing. They won't get much fruit but they might if you give them the space they need.

Do cherry tomatoes need to be pruned?

They are not recommended to be pruned as they reach a certain size and produce a limited number of cherry tomatoes. However, you should trim the shoots below their first flower cluster. These are the cherry tomato plants that should be pruned.