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Are aquarium plants able to grow without fish?

You can plant only tanks. It is possible to use plant-only tanks, but you will need to increase the amount of ferts and carbon dioxide in the absence of the fish who usually provide some. I would still make water modifications. Fresh water has many benefits for fish and plants.

Do you really need co2 to grow aquarium plants?

A. To grow beautiful aquatic plants, you don't need to add CO2. All your aquatic plants require to thrive is a good balance of nutrients, light and water. Although carbon dioxide is essential for aquatic plant growth it is also found in water even if you don't add it.

Do aquarium plants have diseases? Infected plants can bring disease, fungus, and bacteria into your aquarium. Even if the plants come from a reliable source, it is important to disinfect them before adding them to your aquarium.

Do aquarium plants have to be grown without soil?

Java Fern: Although it takes a while for the plant to grow, it is unstoppable once it does. Java Fern is able to survive in any aquarium. It doesn't require light or water specifications. They don't need soil, or substrate. They must be tied to rocks or driftwood before they can grow into a forest.

Are aquarium plants dependent on food?

Freshwater aquariums do not require fertilizer. This is especially true if you have fish that help fertilize your plants with their waste. However, fertilizer is a good investment to help your plants grow and it can make them more productive.