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Where is the loading screen for week 9?

If you look closely, there is a scribble of tomato head in the middle of the loading screen. It is just above the yellow arrow and above the barbed wire. This means that the Fortnite Battle Royale map will show the Week 9 hidden secret Battle Star on or around the Tomato Head.

This is a question: Where is the Week 9 loading screen star?

The secret battlestar should spawn at the top of the tomato head sculpture, at the highest point in the area. You'll want to land there after you've completed all the challenges.

The Battlestar is also missing from the loading screen for Season 9. You can find the secret Utopia Battle Star for Season 9 Week 5 just outside the castle near Haunted Hills. You must complete five sets each of Season 9 weekly challenges before the Battle Star will appear.

So, where is the banner on loading screen 9?

The week 9 loading screen can be seen in the image below. It is located by the bridge south Shifty Shafts. Although it's hard to see, the banner symbol is visible in the background on the cliffside.

How do I get my Week 10 loading display?

This Fortbyte can be found in one of the small huts at Lonely Lodge. To get the loading screen that shows the Fortbytes location, you must complete the ten week-long challenges. This is similar to the secret battle stars in utopia challenges.