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What is trim board made of?

Fiber cement is made up of three basic ingredients: cement, sand and cellulose. Trim boards can be finished with either a woodgrain or smooth finish. You can use a dedicated sawblade to cut them.

Another question is: What is Selex Trim board made from?

Selex trim boards made from CMPC are made of finger-jointed radiata pine. They are primed with two coats acrylic primer and buffed in between. Contractors want a thick coating, so the factory-applied primer is preferred. The vacuum priming process is what contractors know and trust.

Is PVC trim more durable than wood? This is the main factor in cellular PVC pricing. Booz states that although PVC trim can be more expensive than wood or wood derivatives, maintenance costs are significantly lower.

What is a trimboard?

Trim boards can be added to your home as a decorative element to create a separation between the floor, ceiling, walls and doors. You can place trim boards along the floor, around windows or in an ornate manner.

What material is best for exterior trim?

Wood. Wood is the most popular choice for exterior trim. There are both solid wood and composite options. Wood trim is preferred by many homeowners due to its natural appearance and feel. However, quality wood products are becoming more scarce and thus more expensive.