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What is non standard form?

Not standard. A nonstandard dialect is an English that is not standard in its pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and other aspects.

What are non-standard words?

Standard vs. nonstandard phrases and words with more than one spelling

Standard Nonstandard
However However,
Considered to be Considered as
Comparable to Comparable to
Contrary to Contrast with

What is the difference between a standard and non-standard language? A standard language is any variety of language that is used in government, schools, and international communication. There are also non-standard forms of a language, which are used in different regional dialects. These non-standard varieties can be different from one another.

Also, what non-standard forms of English are they?

Nonstandard English is any dialect of English that is not Standard English. It can also be called nonstandard dialect or nonstandard variety. Non-linguists sometimes use the term Nonstandard English to disapprovely describe "bad" or incorrect English.

Is there a standard and non-standard form of Spanish?

Grammar - Other: The Spanish word order is Subject-Verb Object, just like English. Spanish has more flexibility than English and places at the end sentence words that should be highlighted. This can lead to non-standard syntax for Spanish learners who speak or write English.