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Is the CASPer test easy?

What is the CASPer Test? It is a Computer Based Sample of Personal Characteristics. It is easy to visualize the CASPer test in an online, written form if you are familiar with Multiple Mini Interviews.

Do you also need to prepare for the CASPer exam?

According to the test developers, situational judgment tests such as CASPer are fairly immune to preparation. This means that studying for CASPer will not increase your score. Some research shows that applicants can benefit from some advance preparation.

You may also wonder, "How do I succeed on the CASPer exam?" Preparing for CASPer can be a lot easier than other exams if you use the right strategies and prepare well ahead of time.

  1. Use realistic simulations to practice:
  2. Get expert feedback:
  3. Answer the easiest question by reading the three questions.
  4. Concentrate on the most important thing.

Many people also wonder if you can fail the CASPer exam.

The CASPer test does not have a pass/fail rating. It assesses your personal skills relative to all applicants. Each school can decide how the CASPer score will be used in their application decisions.

What type of questions can you expect from the CASPer exam?

Let's now look at three important CASPer question types: Personal, Policy-based and Situational.

CASPer Question Types

  • Identify the most pressing issue.
  • Reserve Judgment, Gather Information
  • Find out who is directly and indirectly affected.
  • To offer sound solutions, use aIf/Thena statements