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How can you identify Fostoria glassesware?

The clarity of the glass will tell you what it is. American was fired polished so the glass should be smooth and clear. It's Whitehall if it's cloudy and wavy. Whitehall will usually have two seams, while American will often have three.

How can you tell Fostoria glassesware apart?

Fostoria glass is smooth to the touch. The lack of fire polishing can cause other glassware to have a rough, bumpy or wavy texture. Use a black light in dark rooms to shine the light directly onto the glassware. Fostoria glass will appear very pale yellow if it is genuine.

Is Fostoria glassware worth its price? Fostoria Glass Company is also known for its etched designs. Today, the most valued pieces are colored glassware etched patterns. More valuable are whole sets and undamaged pieces than individual pieces. As of 2010, a colored pitcher is worth anywhere from $600 up to $1,000

Also, Fostoria glass is marked?

Fostoria Glass Company - Most Fostoria glass pieces aren't marked. You must identify them by the pattern or etching on the piece.

How can I tell if I have stemware

You can identify the manufacturer of antique stemware if you look for a marker. This marker is usually located on the stem's bottom. The company that made antique crystal will have an etching, symbol, or sticker. To find a manufacturer's emblem or logo, hold the stem in front of a light.