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Calculator: How much insulation do you need for my attic?

Example Calculation
12 Area = 10 * 6. = 60 sq ft. R value required = R 12/R 3.6 = 3.3 ins. Volume required = 60sqft * 0.275 (3.3/12 converting into decimal ft = 16.5 cubic feet) You will need one bag for this case. The cost of this bag is calculated by rounding up the number.

How do I determine how much insulation I will need?

Take measurements of the windows and doors on the wall. Multiply these measurements to determine the area of each door or window in the wall. Then subtract them from the total square footage. This will give you the required square footage of insulation for your wall.

You may also wonder how many square feet of insulation a bag covers. 10 bags/pallet equals 110-pieces/1065.60 square. ft. The best insulation will help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. For more helpful tips, see our Buying Guide.

You might also ask: How much insulation do you need in my attic?

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that attics be insulated to R-38 to R49. This is approximately 12a to 15a of fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation. If you are adding insulation to an attic with some insulation already, use unfaced insulation. Lay the rolls or batts at the right angle to the floor joists.

What is the area that a roll insulation covers?

Area Covered (sq. ft. R-13 Pink EcoTouch Kraft Fasted Fiberglass Insulation Continuous 15 in. 32 ft.